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Sack Lunch Friday

During the school year (Sept-June), Sack Lunch Friday is on the last Friday of the Month. *We are a nut free facility* 

Snack Helper

Once a month the children are given a snack helper day. On their day, the helper brings in the afternoon snack to share with their friends.  The snack helper is also the special helper for the day! We teach the children the importance of a healthy diet, so crackers with a fruit or vegetable is perfect.  *We are a nut free facility* .  Click on the snack calendar to see your child's snack day.

Spotlight Family                                                                

A spotlight family folder will be sent out to a different family each week! When it is your family’s turn, simply fill in the information cards and include some photographs, if you’d like. We will display this information on our spotlight family bulletin board in the classroom.  

Weekend Backpacks

During the school year your child will have the opportunity to take home a special friend backpack for a weekend. Your child will get to spend time with their “Stuffed Friend” throughout the weekend and color a picture or tell a story about their adventures together when s/he comes back to school. 

Scholastic Book Orders

Every other month (starting in September) your child will receive a Scholastic Book Catalog.  Ordering books is easily done online using our class code (provided on the catalogs).  Scholastic is great because you can get some good deals on books, and every time you order GWP gets rewards points that can be used towards new books for our classrooms!


Music Classes

A Milestone Music teacher comes every Tuesday with an assortment of new songs and amazing instruments. The class is optional and is an additional cost charged by and paid directly to the music program. Enrollment in the program is not handled through Growing With Pride but directly by parents to the program itself. For more information, you can visit their website:  www.milestone-musictherapy.com


These are the goals we strive to learn and grow towards each year. The goals challenge us and are based on both our academic and social/emotional growth. Click on the button for your child's classroom goals!


Field Trips

The preschool has a scheduled field trip each month. We always love to have parents join us! Click on the parent volunteers button to register to attend!

Sharing & Library Day

Your child will be assigned a day of the week for their sharing and library day.  This is their chance to bring in something from home to share with their class.  It is not mandatory, but we do recommend that you talk to them about their letter of the week or the unit they are currently studying in class and see if you can interest them in bringing something that correlates well with what is happening in class. This is also their library day; each child checks a book out to take home with them.  Bring the book back the following week and your child gets to choose a new book!