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After School Program


Our center provides transportation and care for your school-aged children within the Tualatin Public Schools. We transport children to and from: Tualatin Elementary, Byrom Elementary, and Mitch Charter during school days. Your child can interact with other peers, get started on their homework, have outdoor time, and play after a hard day's work!  

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Social Time
Study Time

Social time is given to the students daily. This is time for them to run, play and enjoy some down time. our facility is separated into different areas of interest. These spaces include a dramatic play area. A book, puzzle and board game area. A building and Manipulative area with Legos, kinex, blocks and more. As well as an arts an craft and indoor rec room. Children have a choice of many activities, or just time to sit and decompress after a day of school. We provide all students with a nutritious afternoon snack. 

Study time will be available for students to work on any homework they were given. We will provide students with a quiet space so they are better able to work on homework. Teachers will be available to help students as needed. If you feel your child is in need of a little extra help, please let us know so that we may try to accommodate for extra time. 

Outdoor Time

We have a large outdoor area and we go outside everyday! we have a variety of planned activities as well as lots of free choice time for students to explore the outdoors and enjoy a variety of sporting equipment and playground structures.

Schedule Options

We have several options to fit your needs during the year. Due to holidays, school closures, teacher work days, and breaks, we provide 2 schedule options to provide you with the care you need.

  1. PM School Days Only

  2. PM School Year (includes school closure days)

Meet Our Teachers

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