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Purple Caterpillars


Our facility focuses on growth and development for your little one through his/her beginning year and beyond. In the Purple Caterpillar room, your child will explore his/her senses, build body strength, and begin to develop movement. We take great care in earning your child's trust and creating a bond with him/her as they grows with us. 



Areas of Development

Physical Development:

  • Building body strength through rolling and sitting

  • Age appropriate toys to promote hand-eye-coordination

  • Activities and equipment to promote physical strength


Brain Development:

  • Stimulating activities

  • Sight and sound relationships

  • Developing left and right brain connections through hand-eye-coordination

  • Development of senses


Language and Speech Development:

  • Joyful interactions and facial expressions help to develop a child's sense of self

  • Creating a trusting bond between child and teacher

  • Music, song, and rhymes used to develop language and rhythmic motions (clapping)

  • Introduction to sign language for communication 

*These goals are general developmental guidelines we try to reach by the end of their time in our classroom.  It is not a requirement for the program.


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6 Weeks -
12 months

Meet our Teachers

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