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Lorinda Rule 

March 14, 1959 - September 30, 2022

"Forever in Our Heart"

"Childhood is such a short and magical time." Lorinda always felt honored that she was a part of it daily for so many children for so many years. Her goal was always to develop a safe, loving environment where children can learn, love, and laugh; to staff her program with wonderful and gifted people; and to create an extended family network for the families she cared for.  After a tough battle with Cancer, we lost Lorinda in September of 2022. Her daughter April strives to continue her mission in providing the community with quality childcare. 

How it all began....

Meet Lorinda!

Lorinda Rule started her career working with children in 1976 and started a state licensed childcare facility in her home in 1987. In 1990 Lorinda was able to return to school where she completed her Child Development Degree. 


Lorinda met another professional in childcare named Tracy Bischoff. They realized how similar their lives were: They both married their high school sweethearts, both had 3 children and both were running successful childcare programs in their home.  

They also realized that they had similar hopes and dreams about how important it is that children get the best possible loving care while fostering and facilitating their natural curiosity to learn and laugh through play. They wanted to present themselves as future leaders in establishing an organization where other early educators, like themselves, could come together for the joy of educating young children. 


They decided to join forces and in 1993 became “Growing With Pride”.

It was a natural progression after 3 years to move to a larger location. And in 1996 they opened their first state licensed childcare center.  After outgrowing that building in 2006, they were able to purchase the childcare center down the street from their original center and they expanded their program with a second location to include Infant and Toddler care.


In 2008 Growing With Pride established their Kindergarten program, and after an expansion of the building in 2011, were able to grow the Kindergarten Program and add an After-school Program.


In 2016 Tracy moved on to pursue other dreams and Lorinda became the sole owner of Growing With Pride.


In 2017 Growing With Prides facilities underwent a large remodel and reorganization of their programs. After 8 years of running a kindergarten program the decision was made to cancel the program and expand the after-school program moving them to the original building renamed the "club house" It now house the school age program including a summer camp program. The infant toddler program was moved to the main building with the preschool program.

​Although many changes have taken place over the years the heart of our program the Ideals and philosophy's Lorinda held and started Growing With Pride based around remain the same. To teach children through love and laughter to engage with children in their play and imagination to teach respect, empathy, and understanding by modeling those principles to children.

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