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Blue Butterflies

Our blue butterfly classroom has both Preschool and Pre-K Students. Our Pre-K students are preparing for kindergarten while continuing to learning through play, social interactions, discovery, and imagination. Although we concentrate on academics, and have a structured program we also feel it is important to ensure your child is emotionally and socially prepared for kindergarten.


The Preschool children are given the opportunity to work on more challenging academics as well as review and repetition of already learned concepts and goals from the other preschool classrooms. We want your children to enjoy this stage in their growth by keeping our expectations at an individualized age and developmentally appropriate level.    



During the school year our curriculum is unit based, each unit can run 1 week to 3 weeks. Our Units cover a variety of topics or areas of study; in example: Animal, Community Helpers, Earth and Space, My Body and Senses, Safety Week, Holiday, Season based units and more. Each unit week incorporates art and creative exploration, science, sensory, large muscle activities, language arts and early literacy activities, math, and dramatic play. The children complete their own Alphabet Notebook throughout the school year! Daily group times provide an opportunity for sharing, music, movement, and stories.  Most importantly, they have plenty of free-play time and daily outdoor time to discover their world the way they do best …. through “play!”  


  • Theme-based projects

  • Scissors, glue, coloring

  • Painting Sculpting with                                 different mediums.

  • Dramatic play and Theatre

  • Music and Dance activities

Math and Science:

  • Counting to 50

  • Grouping objects by tens

  • Adding and subtracting with ones

  • Measuring, Weighing, and Comparing.

  • Matching and Patterns

  • Sorting by attributes and Graphing

  • Exploring nature and Plants

  • Earth and space

  • Animal and Insect Science.

  • Cause and affect activities.

Language, Literacy and Communication

  • Group Storytime & Discussions

  • Question of the week

  • Listening centers

  • Theme based books

  • Rhyming and song books

  • Recorded stories

  • Reading Program

  • Printing first name

  • Printing all letters

  • Printing #1-10

  • Printing “ABC Workbook”

  • Learning Alphabet phonics

Social Interactions

  • Showing sympathy & empathy

  • Communicating feelings & needs

  • Using manners & Kindness

  • Cooperating with others

  • Building self-confidence



4-5 years old


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Meet Our Teachers


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