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Yellow Caterpillars


Our yellow caterpillar classroom offers your child developmental activities, games and toys appropriate for their age. We provide every opportunity to develop language, such as with songs, stories, and even through sign language. Our teachers work on manners, expressing feelings and needs, and safety. We continue working on strength and hand-eye coordination through play.  



Areas of Development

Physical Development:

  • Building body strength through active play

  • Age appropriate toys to promote hand-eye-coordination

  • Activities and equipment to promote physical strength


Brain Development:

  • Stimulating activities

  • Sight and sound relationships

  • Developing left and right brain connections through hand-eye-coordination

  • Development of senses


​Language and Speech Development

  • Joyful interactions and introduction to manners

  • Creating a trusting bond between child and teacher 

  • Building vocabulary through stories, songs, and rhymes

  • Use of sign language for communication of needs


​Creative Development

  • Self-expression through music and dance

  • Real and pretend dramatic play

  • Art expression through different mediums




10 months - 
20 months



*These goals are general developmental guidelines we try to reach by the end of their time in our classroom.  It is not a requirement for the program.

Meet our Teachers

Sally's Bio
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