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Our Red Butterfly classroom is our preschool program for beginners. This class is for our toddlers transitioning into the big Preschool. They will have many new and exciting experiences. Learning some beginning school skills sitting for circle time and table activities and expanding their vocabulary and communication skills. We will be working on our cooperative behaviors, Emotional supports, and social interactions. Of course our big goal in this classroom is building on our independent skills and Potty Training! 

Nursery Play


During the school year we share the same curriculum as the Orange Butterfly Classroom slightly altered to meet age appropriate goals. The curriculum uses weekly thematic units; covering the alphabet and holidays/seasons. Children are exposed to multiple areas of learning as we follow through the curriculum; including art, math, literacy, and science. We incorporate books, songs, dramatic play, and activities to align with the weekly letter or holiday; bridging learning with play.


Physical Development:

  • Building body strength through active play and games

  • Activities and equipment to promote physical strength

  • Opportunities to be self-sufficient in daily routines and expectations

  • Potty Training and Hygiene knowledge.

Language, Literacy and Communication:

  • Building vocabulary through conversations and small group activities

  • Large Group times (Circle Time) with phonics songs and games.

  • Music, Rhyming and Song Books

  • Story time

  • Theme-based books

  • Classroom Library

  • Books on tape

Math and Science:

  • Counting songs and Games

  • Puzzles, blocks, Legos

  • Shapes

  • Patterns and Grouping activities

  • Exploring nature and the environment.

  • Animal sounds and knowledge.

  • Cause and affect activities.

Creative Development:

  • Theme-based projects

  • Real and pretend dramatic play

  • Child directed activities with peers.

  • Self-expression through music and dance

  • Weekly art projects using various mediums.

Kindergarten Guide
Stacking Pieces

Meet Our Teachers

Beginners Preschool
24 mo. -  36 mo.

Red Butterflies

*These goals are general developmental guidelines we try to reach by the end of their time in our classroom. It is not a requirement for the program.

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