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Our school offers several programs to fit the needs of your growing child. All of our programs are full-day, with your tuition covering hours anywhere between 7:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday. From infant to toddler, preschool to Pre-Kindergarten, and after school care, we have a program for you! 

Caterpillar Program

Our caterpillar program includes 3 classrooms: our Infants (6weeks-10mo.) our Wobblers (10mo.-20mo.) and our Toddlers (20mo.-30mo.) During his/her time as a caterpillar, your child will have loving and experienced teachers who are eager to help with your child's development. We offer routine, healthy meals, and developmentally appropriate activities. Your child will be learning by playing and partnering music, art, games, and books with their daily routine.


+ Purple Caterpillars (6 weeks- 10 months)

+ Yellow Caterpillars (10 months- 20 months)
+ Green Caterpillars (20 months- 30 months)

Butterfly Program

Our butterfly program includes 3 classrooms: our beginning Preschool (30mo.-36mo.) our Preschool classroom (3-year-old's) and the Pre-K (4-5-year-old's). During your child's time as a butterfly, s/he will develop and build on literacy, math, and science skills, as well as routine, music and movement, manners, and citizenship. All areas of learning are partnered with play as your child explores in centers, teacher-directed and child-directed activities. 

+ Red Butterflies (30mo.- 36mo.)

+ Orange Butterflies (3 year old's)

+ Blue Butterflies (4-5 year old's)

Our clubhouse is the home of our after-school program (kindergarten-5th grade). As well as offering after-school care, we also offer care during non-school days and breaks. With a Summer Camp program each Summer. Transportation is available after school for the following Tualatin public schools: Byrom, Tualatin, and MITCH.  

+ After-School Program (K-5th Grade)

+ Summer Camp (K-5th Grade)


Individual Programs Curriculum

Each classroom focuses on supporting child development and teaching age-appropriate skills. The curriculum is developed around ages and stages and promoting development of skills appropriate for your child's age. We incorporate different learning styles and group settings to ensure the best environment for your child's learning and developmental needs. 

***Tuition is based on age(program), # of days/week needed, and number of children in care. Please fill out the waiting list. We will return to you with our availability and rates according to the information you have provided. Thank you!


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